The 'G.O' reason-for-being is to help you realise YOUR reason-for-being.


Hi there, and welcome! Thanks for your curiosity. What's Grace Orchard all about you ask?

What would you say if I told you that life is meant to be flowing, graceful and rich in meaning? What if I told you that the truth of who you are is beyond your physical body and how you look, beyond the ups and downs of your emotions, beyond your job title and social standing and even beyond the thoughts in your head?

What if I told you that anything in life is possible for you with the right knowledge, practice and faith in your own goodness & potential?


Maybe that all sounds too good to be true. I wouldn’t have believed this either a few years ago! But a lot can change in a short time and I’m here to share with you exactly what changes I've made and the practices I've adopted that have brought about this change in my perspective.

In the modern world, you're led to believe that fulfilment in life comes from achieving, from doing, from getting better & having more.

The ‘busy trap’ that is all too familiar and magnetic and is driven by underlying beliefs and promises that happiness is a future destination. You are always looking for something more than what you are right now to feel complete, content, peaceful.

The 'When I Have" mindset. “when I get a promotion, when I have more money, when I meet 'the one', when I lose weight. And the list goes on and on and on...

Life can feel competitive and exhausting, even cut-throat, and despite your best efforts to keep up and ‘get ahead’ all you might end up with is poor physical health, emotional upset, mental chaos & spiritual bankruptcy.


But it doesn't have to be like this!

I've been there but I know now - there is a better way. 

And I'm here to show you what that is.



Just a few years ago, I appeared to have it all  - good job, loving partner, great friends, supportive family. I was young, healthy and succeeding in life.

But despite all that, I felt lost, anxious and was desperately seeking myself in my career and the party scene. I had no true purpose or understanding of my place in the world. Life just made no sense. While the exterior aspects of my life looked successful and desirable, internally I was going through hell.

And then I discovered yoga & meditation. 

One month on from being introduced to the theory of tantra yoga and putting its principles into practice on the mat and in my every day, life took on a whole new meaning and level of depth. 

I suddenly felt more connected to my body, more energised and confident, more open-hearted and optimistic. And all those feelings have only blossomed further as I’ve continued with my practice. (Read my full story here)

I know Tantra Yoga can do this for you too!


The Grace Orchard Reason For Being

Is To Connect You; 

To Your Body;

To Your Heart; 

To Your Essence.

Spirituality is synonymous with reality. To walk the path of spirituality is to walk the path of reality. Spirituality is the process of continually expanding our perception of ourselves until we recognise that we are the source of love. By acknowledging this truth we attain the inner peace we seek
— Prem Baba, The Path of the Heart


Feeling what 'G.O' is all about?

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I was lucky to have Kate as a teacher for my Agama Level 2 class in Rishikesh, India. She is an amazing teacher. Caring and compassionate, always very well prepared and patient, giving herself 100% to the teaching. She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable in her class and has an impact on each person. For me personally she has touched my heart. She has a very pleasant and lovely presence which made me comfortable. She is calm, centred and enthusiastic and this energy spreads to all the students in the class. Kate always addressed my questions when in doubt. She loves what she does - she is made to teach yoga. Thank you for everything and continue to teach the way you do. Many people in this world need you.
— Sharada, 28, Yoga Teacher In Training