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Kate’s approach to the Tantra yoga teachings offers a unified healing practice for our minds, bodies and spirits. Her energy is serene yet centred, and it is because of this that she is able to instantly create tranquil focus in all of her sessions. Kate’s classes are uplifting and holistic, and if you are open to it, they will set you upon a peaceful, reflective and intuitive path that will change your way of being.
— Zoe, 30

My Story: How Yoga Can Change Your Life In 10 Days

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Only a few years ago, before discovering yoga, I had no sense of self or understanding of my place in the world. I felt lost and anxious.

On the surface, life appeared to tick all the right boxes - decent job, lots of friends, loving partner and supportive family - but just beneath the exterior, I felt far from ok.

I lived for the weekends which I’d spend partying and binge-drinking (often to the point of memory loss) and over-indulging in gourmet (and not so gourmet) foods before squandering my Sundays zonked out and in dread of going back to work. 

After spending the better part of my 20s this way, my body and mind started to object to the subtle but constant abuse - my nervous system was fried and I started to become nervous and panicky and often felt like I was about to ‘lose it’. Despite ‘having it all’ in societal terms, I felt alone, fearful and despairing.


During these years, I always put the root cause of my angst and mediocre happiness down to my career, or lack of career. I tried hospitality, I tried advertising, I even tried going corporate with a stint in private health insurance (argh!). I think the range of positions I tried highlights my confusion and desperation! Or to frame things positively, a willingness to try anything that might lead to a sense of fulfilment and belonging. 

While the industries and jobs varied greatly, what they had in common was that I felt deeply let down and uninspired by all of them. I couldn’t let go of the idea that I should be passionate about waking up every morning and having a sense of purpose, that there had to be more to life somehow. Which led me off travelling in search of the perfect job or a certain-for-success business idea. 


I first stumbled upon yoga and spirituality when I landed in a little Mexican village the same day that a 1-month intensive yoga course started. While it felt like an “accident” at the time, I realise now that synchronicity like this tends to occur when something significant is happening. 

After just 10 days of morning and afternoon yoga practice and learning yogic theory each night, I was transformed - I suddenly felt overcome by feelings of lightness and optimism. It radiated from me, as though I had just shed a layer of skin and stepped out into an expanded version of myself. For the first time I felt excited about life, a sense that "everything was going to be ok". All of a sudden the world made sense, where it never had before. 

Having experienced for myself the capacity of yoga to
transform a person from the inside-out, it is my passion to pass
on what I’ve learned to others (i.e. you!)

I cannot recommend Kate and her “bigger picture” style of yoga to anyone enough.. Its inspiring… Its been such a help for me.
— Samantha, Gardener, 49


Yoga has given me the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our journey in this life, is not to become something or someone, but in fact to learn how to simply ‘be’ again. It’s all about stripping back the layers of protection, fear and false-identification and coming back to our natural state; one of presence and love.

It is my mission to share with you the authentic and transformative spiritual teachings I have encountered throughout my travels in Thailand, India and Mexico, as a both a yoga practitioner & a qualified yoga teacher.

It's not to say that I have it all worked out, I am still on my own journey of learning to love, learning to let go, learning to trust. 

But thanks to the teachings I’ve been exposed to, I know I’ve come a long way from where I was a few years back. I’m definitely not perfect but the beauty of this path is that it gives you permission to stop striving for perfection and realise the perfection of your own uniqueness and vulnerability. 


Modern life is hectic, I get that and I feel it too. So what I’m offering is not another add-on to your already jam-packed existence. 

  • I'm offering you tools and techniques that will allow you to bring more peace to your internal state even in the midst of everything that’s happening around you.  
  • I'm offering you an opportunity to cultivate a greater degree of consciousness that will infuse everyday activities with aliveness and wonder.  


“Kate provided us with an inspiring introduction to tantric yoga at her Melbourne workshop. Her passion for the subject and beautiful flowing style of practise was a joy to witness. It was wonderful to hear Kate’s personal reflections on how tantra teachings have changed her perspective and outlook on life as well. ”

— Mitali, Marketing Manager, 30


Feeling A Connection With My Story?

Want more from your yoga practice than just a 'work-out'?

Dealing with a 'crazy mind' and obsessive thinking? 

Searching for purpose and meaning in everyday life?


Spirituality is synonymous with reality. To walk the path of spirituality is to walk the path of reality. Spirituality is the process of continually expanding our perception of ourselves until we recognise that we are the source of love. By acknowledging this truth we attain the inner peace we seek
— Prem Baba, The Path Of the Heart